Our Team

Highly motivated, skill oriented and experienced, our team members are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and expertise in property management, investment and development. Our pioneering culture means everyone is focused on providing a high level of service in a professional, confidential, manner to exceed the expectations of our clients and investors. We step up to the plate, day in and day out, to redefine excellence in apartment living.


Safe Harbor Properties, LLC, was established in 1973, originally as a Construction Company focusing on high value multifamily homes, restoration and high end quality residential rentals. When we founded Safe Harbor Properties LLC., we did it with a clear idea of where the company would be in five, ten and even twenty years. To position Safe Harbor Properties, LLC. for growth, we built our reputation on trust and creating value. In addition, we abide by a philosophy that our customers come first and continue to exceed our hospitality approach to our clients.

Working closely with Hall Builders of Illinois, Inc., and GPM Management, Inc., we have brought together over 200 years of construction knowledge with the best and brightest minds in real estate to ensure that our properties are restored and built with the highest quality assurance for our customers. At Safe Harbor Properties, we strongly believe in giving back to communities by reviving neighborhoods and helping to bring further business to local businesses located within the area of our properties. Fortified with a smart business plan and the intent to bring world-class service to the multifamily and residential real estate industry, Safe Harbor Properties brings residential satisfaction as our number one priority every day at every Safe Harbor Property community. Managed by GPM Property Management, Inc. 

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The Crew 

To achieve the highest standards of quality, in any discipline, it is essential to take pride in every detail and to put your heart into what you do. We Care. 

Behind remarkable quality and craftsmanship at Safe Harbor Properties is the effort of many professionals who contribute hard work and dedication to make our rental properties an ideal home for you and your loved ones.